Creativity Module: Process and Product


At the beginning of this assignment, my main idea was to create gifs based on movies I was obsessed with growing up. I tried a few out, but I didn’t like having GIFs from multiple movies, so I picked one movie for all my gif inspiration. THE IRON GIANT. This movie was my favorite movie as a kid, and there aren’t many GIFs out there that I would want to use, or represent how I feel about certain scenes/clips within this movie.

I created these four clips from scenes that I still love today:



The thing that surprised me most about making GIFs was how simple and streamlined it was; I expected it to be far more complicated. I ended up using GIPHY to create my GIFs and I loved the way the turned out! I was so happy with the tools and settings that allowed me to cut down the clips exactly as I wanted, and I even added filters to differentiate the GIFs so that they are seen more are pairs or sets. I chose the first two clips of Hogarth to show his personality of being a dorky kid, and the second two GIFs I picked because because they show the very beginning of the character “Kent,” and what happens to him by the end of the movie. The entire process took no more than 30 minutes for all four GIFs, which included me finding the scenes on youtube. This experience has definitely showed me that making GIFs is not as difficult as I imagined, and I’m excited to make more GIFs in the future.